Las Vegas-- Hackers exploit security holes in cyberspace more aggressively. In the future, hackers can attack the human body. At a security conference in Las Vegas, a security researcher Jay Radcliffe showing how to stop the function of two medical devices commonly used to treat diabetes that can harm patients. All of this activity is done via the internet. Equipment susceptible to such attacks is the insulin pump, which can be controlled remotely. In this instrument, there’s installed a wireless device which measures glucose monitors blood sugar levels, CGM (continuous glucose meters). Every five minutes, this information is forwarded to insulin pump attached to the arm. "Wireless communications to wireless pump is not safe. This equipment is not designed to patch security holes, "he said. "These devices are most vulnerable to be attacked by hackers." Wireless electronic devices, such as smart cellular phone or tablet computer, generally has a system of security patches provided by vendors on a regular basis. This firmware updating process make hackers must work harder to penetrate the security system. Radcliffe tried to understand the technical specifications of CGM. He found the communication between the body sensors and monitors can be done without having to identify who the recipient of the data. Chip in a device is similar to that used on automatic computer networks in the industry world. A virus designed and inserted into the USB devices which communicates on radio frequency and this device can be purchased easily through ebay for U.S. $ 20. The virus of Radcliffe experiment results can lead to blood sugar monitors stopped working and at once putting off the insulin pump. Without enough insulin, diabetics will suffer from blurred vision and kidney damage in the long run. If it continues, the patient began to sweat and loss of motor function, respiratory system failure, and death. Radcliffe artificial virus is only to show the security holes on the equipment supporting human health. "The danger is always lurking, we can not simply ignore," he said. "Nobody wants to hack insulin pump 15 years ago, but there are many smart people out there who can do it."
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